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Mine to Mill Platform

Mine to Mill
Slope Failure Detection

True Digitized Reality

See your site like never before. With incredibly accurate interactive 3D models complete with all the data you need at your fingertips. Accessible from anywhere.

Drilling Optimization & Verification

All the data you need to empower your drillers to do their best work. Then design the best blast based on actual drill results.

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Drilling Optimization and Verification
Blast Performance optimization

Blast Performance Optimization

Get your best fragmentation. Reduce backbreak, secondary breakage, waste, fines, loading, hauling, & milling costs. Reduce flyrock and increase compliance with AI powered Blast Optimization.

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Site Operations Management & Improvement

Track, monitor, and improve site operations including your haul roads, berms, highwalls, pit slopes, and environmental impact.

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Slope Heat Map

Site Production Tracking and Forecasting

See where you’re going by knowing where you’ve been. Easily see your site’s progression, track production, conduct volumetric analyses, stockpile management, and more.

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Your Site’s Single Source of Truth

Break down data silos. Combine all your site data in one place, see trends, optimize operations, easily collaborate with team members and access your site data from anywhere.

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Stockpile Management

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