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Slope Failure Detection

True Digitized Reality

See your site like never before. With incredibly accurate interactive 3D models complete with all the data you need at your fingertips. Accessible from anywhere.

The Supermodel of Benches

With Strayos 3D Photogrammetry you get incredibly accurate 3D models of your bench from drone data. With algorithms specifically designed to detect and model bench features like undercuts, edges, discontinuities and more you will get your most accurate accurate models for operations planning.

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3D Burdens
Smart Drill Analytics

Know What You’re Getting Into

Easily incorporate geological data into your bench model- Rock mass characteristics from the bench face, hyperspectral imaging data, measure while drilling and core sample data so you’re always prepared.

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Simple. Clear. Standardized Reports

Get simple clear standardized reports to share with team members. Download or access at anytime from anywhere. Remove errors from inattention, penmanship, or dirt. All reports are automatically generated with easily transferable data and are immediately available.

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Burden Reports

Improve Drilling Performance

Integrate as drilled data into your bench’s 3D model and compare to the drill design. Including smart drill measure while drilling data, collar deviation and down-hole deviation. Improve drilling performance based on actual performance data.

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Blast with Confidence

Integrate as drilled data into your bench’s 3D model and update your blast design accordingly. Include smart drill measure while drilling data, collar deviation and down-hole deviation data so you can get your best blast.

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Predict Vibration and Airblast

Increase Blast Safety & Compliance

Design your blast with the best available data taking into account geology, 3D burdens, as-drilled hole data, historical performance, differential loading, timing, and more to reduce risk of fly-rock, vibration and airblasts.

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Get Your Best Blast

Improve fragmentation, reduce fines, secondary breakage and back break, control vibration and airblast. Using Predictive AI, you can see what your fragmentation, muckpile shape and vibration will be based on your blast design and historical site data. If you don’t like your outcome- change your design until you get your best blast.

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Cast Prediction
Single source of Truth about Vibration Analytics

Your Operation’s Single Source of Truth

Break down data silos. Combine all your site data in one place, see trends, optimize operations, easily collaborate with team members and access your site data from anywhere.

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