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Collect and upload images from any drone. Generate Orthomosaics, 3D Models, Point Clouds and Digital Surface Models(DSM) from aerial data.

How it Works

One Strayos platform for any drone

Start a Project

Create a project in
Strayos dashboard

Fly and Capture

Collect data with your drone

Upload Data

Strayos does image processing and notifies you once complete

Deliver Final Results

Measure, Visualize, Annote & Share

Secure Cloud Dashboard

Best in class analysis and insights on your sites in 2D and 3D view. Track Progress and spot anomalies with intuitive dashboard.

Visual Reporting

Get elevation of each pixel to compare the plans to actual. Empower the site engineer and field crew to harness the real time value of visual reports.

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Have a question or need help setting up the system?

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