Smart Drill Analytics

Strayos smart drill data analysis is a transformative platform that uses measurement-while-drilling (MWD) techniques to measure a variety of drill logs and rock properties in real-time with drone surveyed 3D model. The information it provides enables intelligent blast design, improves fragmentation, and enhances data driven drilling operations.

Muckpile AI
Optimized Drilling

Plan effective drilling patterns

Visualize in 3D the actual drilled shot with min and max burden

Interpret critical MWD insights at every second

Penetration Rate

Feed rate

Time to drill hole

Percussion pressure

Accurately Detect

Planned Holes Vs Drilled Holes


Data from RTK GPS, Boretrak Survey and Total Stations

Compatible with all drill OEMs

Improve Safety

Maintain compliance: analyze safety berms and blocks, high wall heights

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